Friday, June 19, 2015

The Lord Desireth Fine and Bountiful Sunshine Upon thy Pecker

It has been decided that from this moment on we will only speak of good weather. There will be no fretting about thunderstorms, no attachment of fenders, no internal debates about if you should ride the beater bike, no rationalizations about how you could just come for the cookout, no rummaging around for rain jackets, and so on.  We will still ride in the rain, of course, but we are not to think about it.

We will think only positive thoughts about global warming, ozone holes, UV warnings, skin cancer, heat exposure, and 3rd degree sunburn.
Hereby signed and decreed.
Mother Superior.

Getting to PeckerheadQuarters

It's pretty easy to find my house, but for the out-of-towners here are some links:

From NORTH of Mansfield on I71
From SOUTH of Mansfield on I71
From WEST of Mansfield on Route 30
From EAST of Mansfield on Route 30

See you on the 20th!

Or if that doesn't work, I live here:

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Seriously, which arrows do we follow?

IMPORTANT!  Someone had the gall to adopt the distinctive Peckerhead directional arrow as their own and has placed some of these on our route.  The imposter arrows are white.  The arrows we are following are YELLOW.   So remember, WHITE AIN'T RIGHT.  Word.

What Can I Bring?

Fortunately, we are always answering this question.  We're lucky to have such a generous group of riders.  Here are the answers:

1.) You do not have to bring anything but your bike and a smile (shorts would be good, too.)

2.) If you want to contribute to the Peckerhead this year or in advance of next year, here's what we recommend:

-Salads / appetizers are very popular.  Cool or room temp is best. 
-Beer or other recovery drinks are always appreciated.

If you can't cook or you just like to throw your money around, there's always the donation jar. Donations are optional.  We use them to help cover costs and put the remainder away for next year's edition.

-If none of these work, you can always do this.  I generally take a 58 cm.

If you have questions, call or e-mail me.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Quality Caffeine, Served Fresh

Show up early. Peckerhead sponsor Relax It's Just Coffee will be serving up iced coffee and espresso Saturday morning to make sure we're all jacked up before hitting the road. You could just take some bennies, but that's nowhere near as elegant.