Sunday, January 26, 2014

It's 9 degrees, time to plan the 2014 PKR

Nothing like oppressive and constant freezing temps to get one thinking about cycling! So here we go.
The PKR sticker appears in the strangest places. Where's yours?
The 2014 Peckerhead Invitational is officially ON! Saturday June 14th, 2014. Sponsorship renewals went out today. More details to follow.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 PKR Recap

I could just write that it was a great day and be done with it, I suppose. It was just that, and saying much else just kind of elaborates on the obvious. But if I am good at nothing else, I can sure as hell elaborate on the obvious with the best of them. Here goes.

The Stats
Riders who registered: 105 (a record)
Total miles ridden: 3903 (from 82 riders who signed in at the end.)
Hot dogs consumed: approx 140
Beers drank: many
Laughs had: innumerable
Children conceived: uncertain. Do we count activities on-premesis, or within that 24 hour period?

For the first time in recorded PKR history, all founding Peckerheads were present in body, through representation (We love you Ann!), or in spriit (Hi Paul! We love you too!). This event does not exist if I had not met these people and been adopted by them as the youngster they felt most susceptible to corruption.
Back Row: Ann Abele, Mark LaYacona, Bruce Burrey, Kenton Brune, Scott Conery, Mike Sherwin, Todd Vermilya
Front Row: Jerry Stites, Yours Truly, Tom Weidinger

Jack Bargaheiser returns from huge hit and run accident to triumphantly ride 33 miles and once again, for like the hundredth time, give the finger to old age.

Peckerheads old and new came from from parts far afield. Texas, Georgia, Colorado, and Wisconsin were among the states represented. That's a long-ass way to travel for a bike ride. To the extent it is possible, we are humbled.

My family once again came through with flying colors. Amy, Maggie, Ellie, Jess and Roxie -- thank you thank you thank you thank you for helping make the PKR possible.

Once again, our sponsors absolutely killed it. I talked about this pre-giveaway, I know, but please think of them before you purchase this year. All of them give generously and really help make the PKR possible.

Through the miles we rode and cash contributions, a total of $4,505.00 was raised. The monies will be donated to the Friends of the Little Miami Bike Trail in the name of our friend Paul Leiter. Thanks to everyone who rode, gave, or both. You just made a difference for cyclists all over Ohio.

Maggie, our ten year old documentary photographer, took some pics at the PKR this year. Here's a few.

Seriously, the hot dogs are THIS BIG.

Yes, we think we are awesome.

Scott, you OWN a pump company. 

Theresa is asking herself what exactly it was about the Unabomber that made her fall in love with him.

"I really don't care if you are having the baby today. I am at the Peckerhead. I'll swing by the hospital later."

Free stuff, courtesy of our sponsors.

Ikes and JB on the comeback ride of the year.


Friday, June 14, 2013

The Lord Desireth Fine and Bountiful Sunshine Upon thy Pecker

It has been decided that from this moment on we will only speak of good weather. There will be no fretting about thunderstorms, no attachment of fenders, no internal debates about if you should ride the beater bike, no rationalizations about how you could just come for the cookout, no rummaging around for rain jackets, and so on.  We will still ride in the rain, of course, but we are not to think about it.

We will think only positive thoughts about global warming, ozone holes, UV warnings, skin cancer, heat exposure, and 3rd degree sunburn.
Hereby signed and decreed.
Mother Superior.

Getting to PeckerheadQuarters

It's pretty easy to find my house, but for the out-of-towners here are some links:

From NORTH of Mansfield on I71
From SOUTH of Mansfield on I71
From WEST of Mansfield on Route 30
From EAST of Mansfield on Route 30

See you on the 15th!

Or if that doesn't work, I live here:

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Route Planning, or How to Get People Home Happy

Probably the most difficult thing about planning the Peckerhead Invitational is route selection.  The management considers many, many factors -- none of which exist in a vacuum.  Difficulty, beauty, humor, irony, rest, history, tradition... all are critical things we consider.  A route must be planned with the rider and the end in mind.  For the past several years, our desired end has been to have riders return happy, challenged, personally victorious, hungry, and ready to hang out for a while.  We stopped trying to kill people years ago.  Now, if you do stupid things and end up shattering yourself, well, your folly contributes to other intrinsic Peckerhead characteristics like suffering, ridicule, and humility, which of course are also extremely valuable.  But those are on you, friend.

Now back to the matter at hand.

"How do I want the rider to feel at this moment?", the management asks itself when we choose a road. Should you be challenged right here?  Should you be resting and recovering?  Where is the next water stop?  What type of rider will be on this road?  It all depends upon who you are, what came before and what road is yet to come.  Context. 

Choosing roads that are scenic and quiet is very important part of the overall context of a Peckerhead.  We want people to see the beauty of our area and have a chance to talk to one another.  We're hoping to show people roads they normally would never see, or funny stuff that we've found while out riding.  Later in the ride, while riders might be suffering, we try to mitigate that pain with beauty and well-placed resting spots.  When we do a good jobs, stuff connects up just right. Maps for the PKR.

Here are some quick shots of roads from this year's Peckerhead.  We think they're kinda pretty.