Route Maps

All routes are clearly marked at every turn. We do not provide printed maps. However, MapMyRide will send the maps directly to your smart phone or you can print from their web site.

The 2016 Half Pecker
36 miles.  Features gently rolling farm roads with some great views and one decent climb going into Bellville.  The B and O bike path takes you home to headquarters where you get the best seats and make sure the beer is chilled when I get home.

The 2016 Full Pecker
64 miles. This route takes you out of Bellville onto some of the finest roads southern Richland County has to offer. We're not kidding when we say this is the one you ought to make an effort to do. You'll feel great when you're done, and will have a nice flat run in to town during which you can make up all sorts of lies about how fast you went.

The 2016 John Holmes
70 miles. Our best work. There's no bailout on the John Holmes unless you make one up on the fly. This route builds on the previous two, but adds a half dozen good climbs and eight additional miles. If you're feeling sporty and want a challenge, this is the one for you.