Ride Info

For Pete's sake, RSVP if you're coming.  It helps to know how many of you knuckleheads are going to be bringing down the property values. You can RSVP on our Facebook page, or via e-mail to lawsonallred@yahoo.com.

Arrival, Coffee, and Bathrooms
You can get here any time you want.  We're generally open for business by 7:00 am.  It's better to be early than late.  You know you're going to screw around fiddling with your socks or something. Relax It's Just Coffee provides iced espresso to get up all jacked up and ready to rock.

PeckerHeadQuarters (New for 2016)
536 Chevy Chase Road
Mansfield, OH 44907
Your options, in order of preference, are:
1.) Ride your bike to my house.  Easy.
2.) Park on the street.
3.) Use the southern end of the lot at the Mansfield Art Center that is right on Marion Ave and Millsboro Road, about a half mile from HQ.

Registration, Maps, Rider Meeting and Donations
Registration is open right away.  You have to register in order to ride.  There is no entry fee.  We gratefully accept donations to help cover costs and fund next year's Peckerhead.  Donations are strictly optional.  Maps are sometimes available at registration, sometimes not. All the maps are available on line at MapMyRide.com.

Riders meeting at 8:30 am for announcements and information.  My driveway.  Be there.

Departure -- Staggered Start at 9:00 am
Be ready to leave at 9:00 am. Seriously.
We do a staggered start where we self-select into slow and fast groups (your decide what you are). 
The slow group leaves at 9:00 am
The fast group leaves at 9:15 am.

The idea being that we come together on the road for some conversation and chit chat before Bellville.  Remember, we're riding - not racing.  There's plenty of suffering to be had in the second half.

On the Road Support
There is none.  Peckerheads are a wily lot prepared to survive on their wits.  Seriously, make sure you have what you need to change a flat, your cell phone, food, some cash, etc.

Road Markings
Our arrows are yellow and have a circle on the end of them.  If there is no arrow at an intersection, you should go straight through.

Barring massive weather issues, we're going rain or shine. If massive weather issues do occur, we will post updates on our Facebook page and through this blog.

The cookout starts at 11:30 or so and continues through the afternoon.  Please make sure you stay and hang out!  Bring a change of clothes so you can be comfortable.

If you would like to bring a covered dish, we will gladly accept it.  Salads and appetizers are always popular.  Cool or room temp are best.  Booze and / or recovery drinks are always good too. 

Prizes and Raffles
Our incredible sponsors provide a TON of really cool stuff that we raffle off and give away to lucky Peckerheads.  The raffle starts at 3:00 pm, so make sure you are here. With a few fundraising exceptions, your registration is your raffle ticket. No cost to you.

I reserve the right to keep some of the cool shit for myself. "Deliver unto Caesar..."

Seriously ossifer, I was...urp... jus out fer a rhide.