Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We Debut Our New Broom Wagon

Veteran Peckerheads have come to accept over the years that the Invitational is a self-supported ride. Support vehicles are for TOSRV, we have always reasoned. Our rugged individualists would be insulted at the thought of riding home in a minivan. In fact, some of our best stories have come from those who cracked and had to find their way home. Who doesn't remember when Neil Llewellyn was going so slow he fell over on Dill Road. Or when I dry-heaved my way home over the 20 miles in '06. Or when AARP Peckerhead Jack Bargaheiser plowed himself under 50 yards from the finish? Good times, baby, good times.

For Peckerhead management to sign off on a follow car, such a vehicle would have to present a set of distinct advantages that our riders could appreciate. We think we may have found such a mode of transport. See above.

Dangerous. Impractical. Environmentally hostile. A parachute! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

2015 PKR - One week to go

Look for frequent updates via this site and Facebook this week as we lead up to the 20th. Here's what we have for your weekend.

Maps have been updated and the route will be marked by Sunday. Any changes to the route that we have to make on the fly due to road closures and such will be reflected on the online maps. Once the route is marked this weekend, we are not going to do a second drive of it. If something gets paved over, you'll need to survive by your wits, good looks, and natural charm.

Piles and piles of stuff have been arriving from our f#*%ing awesome sponsors. Thanks to Clif Bar, Relax, Pedal Pushers Club, DZ Nuts, Twin Six, Sock Guy, All Hail The Black Market, Heringhaus Dentistry, Merrill Lynch, Y-Not Cycling, and Podiumwear.

Speaking of Podiumwear. All of the kit shipped on Friday (yesterday). If you gave them your home address, they will ship directly to your crib. If not, they will be at PKR HQ this week. Mgt will reach out to you when they arrive so you can pick up prior to Saturday.

On a sad note, Grillmaster Jess and his lovely assistant Roxie will be unable to attend this year due to being out-of-state. You'll have to make do with my cooking.

If you would like to bring a covered dish, we will gladly accept. Salads, pasta salads, and other post-ride fuel is always popular. If that isn't your thing and you want to show up with a side of beef, we'll figure it out.